A Comet’s Beauty

It’s an oddly comfortable feeling,

Knowing everyone around you

Is going to die too.

Knowing everyone

Is watching as it draws a long finger

Across the atmosphere,

Not a care in the world

Besides the feeling that it wants to fall.


Not one soul among us

Would have wished to go in another way.

There’s beauty in dying

When the bullet was unstoppable.

When the gun was beyond your reach,

And anyone who didn’t know better

Thought they’d never seen anything

So bright, so wonderfully powerful

For something so naturally alien.


The lake before us glistened darkly,

Sparing all but one tear it saved

For the one who’d walk by

Not knowing the bodies that stood here,

The ones

Who watched the scatter-fly of furious

Violent violets

And blazing blues

That scored the skies in one


Swoop. When

The finger fell down in a vibrating roar,

It swallowed us in one

Moment of a breath.

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