Behind the Smile I Wear

A figure once told me

You get nothing from something.

I’ve often thought

My existence was noted somewhere.

A pair of eyes watched me

And its mouth whispered my

Adventures to those around.

I could cry today,

And then make them laugh tomorrow.

I could smile at her tomorrow.

That’d be something.


I’ve often thought

Passion and fire

Could burn through

Any hell ahead of me.

No dragons behind corners,

No shadows crawling after me.

I could plan today and

Wear armor tomorrow.

The next day I’d be

Truly alive.

That’d be something.


But right now I’m silent.

They’re dancing.

She never turned.

I forgot my pen and paper

And they shot me down.


I believed I had nothing

For my friends or

For any girl I could love,

Nothing but my stolen

Breath to give the world,

Even the dirt in my hands

Felt heavier than me. I bet

I wouldn’t even make a mound.

From dust to dust?

I doubt I was birthed

From something as composed

As dust.


From that lowest point,

From even the lack of echo,

That figure turned back to me

And said

You get something from nothing.

This pit has an edge,

Sadness comes from something,

That empty heart of yours,

That desperate soul

Which yearns for substance,

Is just perfect for filling to the brim.

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