Swallowing Lightning

Our feet crash across

The lake, scattering frogs

And bugs while our eyes

Reflect the full moon

And our teeth nearly touch.

Some say we’ll catch cold,

That it’ll seep into our souls

And freeze our veins till we’re

Stone, but we’ve already

Beaten the chills in our spines.

Our ears and cheeks melt the stars

Across our backs

And thunder is our bed.


Call it passion, or lust,

Perhaps we’re just mad.

But our hearts clash for

Anything that can be called

Rash. Our hands reach for

Silver apples – our tongues

Experience fire – our fingers

Become steel spears to stir

Storms above our heads

While one hand embraces

And the other hand reaches,

Grasps bolts that zig and zag

As each handful is poured in the

Other’s mouth,

We feel it pass across our blood,

Creep through our stomachs,

Our toes, and fills our irises with life

So we can see the other’s scars, their dreams.

We feel their heart throb and their breaths

As we rise and fall.

There is no greater intimacy

Than swallowing lightning.

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