To Watch the Rain

Her blinking slows as I memorize

The way the waiter bring two sets

Of plates and a small black box.

In this half quarter second

I study the glasses and the wine

Dancing within.


Outside the rain sinks like diamonds

In a faint drumming, beating faster

Than my heart.

She told me it was her favorite place,

I should order the shrimp pasta,

I ordered two.

The wine is from the year we met,

But I’m worried it’ll be too sweet,

Too much planning leads to an

Inevitable end, but I want to believe

That tonight the world will be on my

Side, that tonight can become a time

We can look back to and thank the

Stars we poked elbows on the subway.


Perhaps I think too much.

Look at me, stretching a moment

Into a million, just so I can watch the rain.

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