Chapbook Announcement

Greetings readers! Just a quick post to make an announcement and give some updates.

First off, the site is very close to being ready for an official launch and a move to a custom domain. That will be the beginning of new content, and an announcement for the short story series will arrive soon after. I still have to map out what I’ll be posting, and what the series will be. I have ideas, I just need to organize them and see what sticks.

Odds are, the series will work like seasons of television shows. I’ll run a series with two chapters a month, for either four or six months, depending on the storyline and how it progresses. Some will be longer, some shorter. I don’t want to choke the story, but I also personally need a schedule so I know how to write the story in a way that feels natural and well-paced. Stories may even consist of multiple ‘seasons’. It really depends.

Right now, I’m working to balance my novel writing with creating content for the site. Both are coming along nicely, and I’m very excited to keep things moving. I’m working to figure out how I want to go about publishing when the time comes (I can’t help but think long-term, it’s just how I work), and I’m strongly considering self-publishing. I like how much freedom it provides, and since I’m going to be in college and graduate school the next three years, it works beautifully with my schedule. I still have to get a program for converting my writings into ereader formats, and I still have a lot of work to do, but I like how things are looking in the future.

Speaking of the future; I’m working on a poetry chapbook on the side as well! It’ll feature poems on this site, and a lot more that I’ve written before, along with some brand new ones. It’s a little ways off from being finished, but I thought I’d let you guys know ahead of time. I’ve always wanted to publish a chapbook, and self-publishing gives me that chance. Keep an eye out for an offical announcement in the coming weeks.


Thank you,

Jessup Burton

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