Series Announcement

Hello readers! Today I ended up chilling in my favorite cafe for four hours, and not only did I reach the grand total of 19,812 words for my novel (yea!), but I’ve also drafted up the first entry of my short story series, The Spellcaster.

It’ll be a modern fantasy story, set in an alternate Earth, about a self-exiled mage named Isaac Silver, the “Quicksilver Mage”, who vowed to never fight again after a final battle during the end of the first World War. However, a hundred years later, he’s forced to relinquish his vow to leave the world to its own destiny and join in a fight against a potentially world-ending scheme.

I will be editing the first entry, a prologue, and posting it soon. I’m very excited to start the series, as it’s based on a rough idea I’ve had for a while. I hope you guys enjoy it.

See you soon,

Jessup Burton

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