To Walk Off the Edge of Earth

It wasn’t that hard, really.

A forget-me-not was forgotten

And you left that note on my bedside table.

Except that you couldn’t have left that note because I

Didn’t give you that flower.


Once, a tiger brushed across my heels

And I didn’t look, fearing I’d be paralyzed

by her cutting eyes. She reminded me of you;

except I never saw your eyes see mine, but if I did

I imagine they’d be right above me as you pounce

Me to the ground and press my shoulders down.

Our gazes would meet and I’d be paralyzed.


I journeyed around four corners and the sun

Never set once. I kept my pace like a quick-ticking

Clock, as if I were in a hurry to forget.

It’s like I was trying to outrun a breath that

follows me, calling for my feet to turn, just once.

But the edge ahead calls me to remember

What I’ve forgotten, the feelings that

Quake my hand as I reach for your back,

To ask why I was remembering,

Why I didn’t leave that flower,

Why I keep running away.

Perhaps, it was because

You didn’t leave that note.

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