June 16th Update

Hello readers, it has been a while. Honestly I’ve kind of fell out of things for a while, but I’m back on the horse. Next week I will be officially launching the site on a custom domain! Things will start rolling then, and the series will begin.

I’m very excited to get this started, and I will be doing my best to keep things on track and post new content weekly.

In terms of other projects, my novel is coming along well. It looks like I might make my goal of finishing the first draft by August! The poem chapbook is also coming along nicely. I have the narrative figured out, and most of the poems picked. I just have to fill it out more with new poems and figure out some kind of cover art. Once it is published, I will link it here in case anyone wants to help support the site. There are a few poems from the site in the book, but there are many new ones, along with some that I didn’t put on the site.

See you soon,

Jessup Burton

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