It All Starts Tomorrow

Hello readers, and welcome to the beginning of the end to the lull of new content. I am launching the site tomorrow! I’ll be posting the first entry of the short story series The Spellcaster, and every week there will be something to check out. I’ll keep you updated on my progress with my novel, the poetry chapbook, and I’ll be sharing lore and some bits about the world the novel will take place in, along with some short story spin-offs from the characters.

I’ve been spending a lot of time figuring out how I want to move forward, and I’ve decided that I want to go into independent publishing. This will give me more control over my books and my schedule, and it will help to support this site, too. Once I have things published, I’ll share the links to this site, and if you feel inclined to help support both my as a working writer, and this site, you’ll know where you can pick up the book. It’ll be available as an e-book on Amazon, and potentially as a physical book if there’s a demand.

All the content on this site will be free, though in a few months there will probably be a few non-intrusive ads. The reality is the site costs money to keep, and I need to earn some money to help with college. In a few years, when I’m out of school, I hope to live off of the site and my books. Might be a meager living, but I think it’d be amazing, and that’s my goal. I do realize, however, that people hate ads (as do I) and use an ad-blocker. I won’t hold it against anyone, but there will be other ways you can support the site in the future, which I would appreciate. For now, however, this site will be ad-free.

All content that is posted on the site, however, will be free. So you can expect a couple short stories a month, and a mix of poetry, lore, and blog posts every week. I hope you guys enjoy what I’ll be sharing, as I’m very excited to share it all with you.

A big thank you to my first few followers for the huge burst of encouragement you guys gave me. I hope you enjoy what I post, and that you’ll keep tabs on this site.

Thank you,

Jessup Burton

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