The Spellcaster – Prologue

“You really should realize that this is all your fault.” The cocky French voice belonged to Isaac’s ex, Bridgette. She was tall and slender, with rich auburn hair and elegantly mad eyes. She stood on top of an abandoned, wrecked jeep that was half torn-apart from an allied bomb.

“You need to stop this, Bridgette.” Isaac’s deranged ex-lover was always getting into trouble, but utilizing a world war as an excuse to exact revenge? This was beyond the usual insanity that he was used to.

“Stop what, Isaac, my love? Finally realizing the power I’ve had all this time? You have no idea how amazing it feels to finally see you sweat a little.”

“That’s ridiculous! Open your eyes, Bridgette. You’ve killed hundreds of innocent lives, and for what? To get back at me? You’re mad!”

She jumped off from her perch and walked towards Isaac. Light distorted around her hands as she filled her palms with pulsing magical energy, “Mad? Mad?! You bet your sorry ass I’m mad! I gave up my whole life to follow you on your silly ambition to travel the world. I had riches, dreams, and people I loved, and I left all of that behind for you!” She blasted the energy in her palms, and even though Isaac created a barrier, the blasts still hit like hammers.

“That was your own choice. You didn’t have to come.” Isaac launched himself up, using his own magic to land on the ledge of a ruined bridge. She followed suit, manipulating the earth below her and riding it like an elevator before daintily stepping off to continue her jaunt after Isaac.

“But I still came after you, and we went on so many adventures together. We laughed, cried, and even ran for our lives together. You taught me everything I knew about magic, even telling me how much potential I had, how powerful I was! But as soon as I wanted to go on my own path, as soon as I found what I truly wanted, you left me! You treated me like I betrayed you and left me behind.”

Bridgette released the energy she’d stored in her palms a she launched it towards Isaac. She fired blast after blast, forcing Isaac to keep on the defensive. Damn, she’s really laying it into me, Isaac thought, Guess I’m going to have to make a move.

“Bridgette,” He stopped moving for a second, trying to bait Bridgette into firing again. She took the bait, and launched a bolt that struck him in the chest, knocking him off the side of the bridge and landing twenty feet below. Even if it was part of the plan, he barely managed to cushion the fall, and so he was still gasping for air. Bridgette wasted no time jumping down to meet her fallen ex-lover.

“Do you have any idea how much it hurt to have you reject me? In the entire world, the last person I expected to betray me was you.” She stepped above Isaac, raising her hand into the air and gathering electricity for a final blow.

I trained her pretty well, Isaac thought,  Although that’s not quite right, I suppose. She’s definitely become more powerful since then. I need one more second.

“Do you know how much it hurts me to see you like this?” At Isaac’s words, Bridgette hesitated, just for a moment.

“What are you saying? You never really cared, I know that now.” Angry tears formed in Bridgette’s eyes, and Isaac finally had a chance to regain his thoughts.

“Of course I cared, I loved you Bridgette. I was lost, angry, and unfeeling before I met you. I told you that you didn’t have to come with me, but the truth is I wanted nothing else but to travel with you. I’d been everywhere in the world, but all of it was boring until I saw it with you.” None of this was a lie in Isaac’s mind, but he knew all of it was history. Bridgette had gone too far, and he knew that he had to stop her. It hurt to use such a manipulative tactic on someone he used to love, but he had no choice.

Bridgette, however, had traveled with Isaac enough to know what he was up to, and the soggy eyes evaporated into a clean-cut glare. “I’d say it will hurt to kill you, darling, but at this point I’d be lying.” Bridgette’s electric spear was finished, and she raised it, “If you want to get serious, my sweet Isaac, I’d start now!” She thrust the spear towards his heart, but was it immediately thrown backwards by as Isaac used his hand to compress and then rapidly expand the air between them.

“Your stupid tricks are not going to be enough!” Bridgette called her spear back to her hand for another attempt.

“I don’t want to have to hurt you, Bridgette!”

“Hurt me? You’ve all but killed me, Isaac. The only difference is that I’ve remade myself. I’ve found my purpose. In all these years, I never realized that I didn’t need you and your all-impressive reputation. You think you’re so amazing, but I’ve seen through it all.”

It’s no use, Isaac thought, There’s no trace left, is there? Isaac began to gather his own magic to attack when suddenly, amidst the chaos, there was a clatter of rocks and the sound of shuffling feet. Off to the side, Isaac saw a young girl, shaking behind a pillar. She had shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and was dressed in a dirtied blue and white striped dress.

Bridgette noticed as well, and she grinned wickedly as she spoke up, “You want to try and play hero so badly? Fine! I’ll play the villain!” The spear she held crackled wildly as she threw it towards the girl.

“Bridgette!” Isaac bellowed as he threw up a barrier ahead of the child, who was screaming now as the two magicians began a furious battle. Rarely had Isaac ever been so furious. She was really prepared to kill that child! Just how far gone is she? “You’ve become a monster, Bridgette, this isn’t you!”

“Shut up! Just shut up for once in your damned life, Isaac! All I wanted was to be your equal, your irreplaceable partner in life.” Magical energy boomed and erupted between the two as they launched themselves at each other again and again. “But you,” Bridgette’s lightning spear morphed into a sword, “You had to tell me to stop growing. To give up learning more magic. How could you ask me to do that? To give up on the path that would lead me to becoming an equal to you! Were you that scared?”

Isaac pulled out his staff  and wand, wielding the staff like a barrier and swinging it around to block Bridgette’s strikes. “You were heading down the wrong path, you’d become consumed with the idea that you had to gain more and more power!” Isaac used his wand to shot bolts of energy while he spun his staff around, crashing each end into the ground every so often to launch a wall of energy towards Bridgette.

Despite his furious attacks and relentless pace, Isaac couldn’t keep Bridgette at bay for long. All those years of sparring and training allowed her to know every tactic Isaac used. Her unstable mind and now-twisted powers, however, made Bridgette unpredictable. As soon as she had the chance, Bridgette turned Isaac onto the defensive.

“Look at you, all out of tricks!” Launching her sword into the air, and a massive bolt of lightning ran from the sky and channeled itself through the sword into a beam that shot at Isaac, forcing him to block with his staff. Even though he reacted in time, the beam just kept coming, and Isaac was forced to stay put, fighting against the bolt. He looked behind himself and saw the child was staring right back at him with soggy cheeks. Damn, can’t just move out of the way can I?

Satisfied with the trap she’d put Isaac in, Bridgette relaxed a little. “You know, for someone as famous as you, you’re awfully predictable. A magician can live thousands years, learning all the magic they desire, and you spent your few hundred in a rut. Content with what you have? Ha! You’re just arrogant. I wanted more, all that I could handle.”

Struggling to hold Bridgette’s lightning at bay, Isaac could barely speak, “There’s more… to this world… than learning magic…”

With her hand cupped to her ear, Bridgette sneered, “What’s that honey? Is that stress I hear? Have I managed to put you on the edge? You really should be careful who you make into an enemy. I know all of your secrets. And I know just how to manipulate you.” Bridgette pointed towards the girl behind Isaac, and the child was lifted into the air and pulled towards Bridgette.

“Don’t do this, Bridgette.” Isaac grunted, “If you hurt that child…”

“You’ll what?! Tell me, Isaac, because I am just dying to be lectured just one more damn time!” The child was released, and she collapsed to the ground as Bridgette formed another bolt in her hand. Grasping onto the child’s hair, Bridgette pulled the girl’s head back and gave one more look to Isaac. “What are you going to tell me now?” The bolt was so close to the girl’s neck that it began to burn, and when the girl screamed, Isaac’s blood churned into a cold boil as Bridgette began to laugh.

Bridgette only laughed for a second when she saw Isaac’s face. Every ounce of her crazed composure melted. Isaac was long past his capacity for self-control. “You just lost your leverage, sweet-heart.” Isaac finally let go of his staff and ducked right, allowing the electric bolt to stream past his ear and bury itself into the ground. Once he stood up straight, he gathered all of his magic for one final attack. Three hundred years of experience allowed him to gather it all in less than a second.

Bridgette realized she’d gone too far, even her crazed side was shivering. The man in front of her was no longer her the man she knew, but some crazed incarnation of all the stories about her old lover. Suddenly all his infamy made sense. The Quicksilver Mage, the legendary Spellcaster she had fallen in love with, had reawakened.

The magic flowing around Isaac formed into a small, vibrating white dot of energy at the end of his wand. But as the magic flowed into it, the shape pulled itself in a kind of stretched bullet. It vibrated and hummed, building up energy until, within a single second, it began to scream, and rocketed towards the stunned Bridgette. Before she could even blink, the famous spell Isaac created, quicksilver, plummeted into her heart and wiped out any trace of her body in a flash. The child was released, stunned as she collapsed to the ground, holding her neck. 

Isaac nearly collapsed as well. He was drained, physically and emotionally. He’d sworn never to use quicksilver again, let alone on someone he loved once. Choking back his tears, he went to the young girl as composed as he could. With a wave over her head, he put her to sleep to keep her from the pain. The nasty, bubbling burn formed a jagged mark across her neck. Isaac healed the burn as best as he could, but it’d be a survivor’s scar for the rest of the girl’s life.

Isaac left the battlefield, carrying the young girl, and dropped her off at the nearest hospital. The staff weren’t easy to deal with, but he told them she was found passed out, muttering about a fire. A world-wide war was going on, and the excuse fit in well enough that the doctors agreed to take her in. As soon as he heard that she would make a full recovery, Isaac left the hospital. Sick of war and his past, Isaac shambled out the front doors. He was tired, beaten ragged, and all out of patience for the life of a warlock.

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