Crunch Time

Hello readers,

June is nearly over, it’s hard to believe. This summer seems to be both dragging by and dragging me by my shirt collar. I’m glad to say, however, that I have accomplished a lot. The site is up, the first chapter of the series is done (I’ll be working on the second soon, so expect it by July 7th), I’m halfway through my first draft of my novel, and I’m nearly done with my poetry chapbook!

Speaking of the chapbook, all that is left is figuring out a cover and prepping it to be published. I’ll be publishing it electronically, and I’ll share the link here if you’re interested in buying it to support the site. I’m really excited to share it with the world. It captures a struggle in my life that I still have today, but it almost feels a little like therapy to have been arranging the work and getting ready to publish it.

Like I mentioned, the novel is half written as well. I don’t want to say have finished, since there is so much left to do. My plan is to have the first draft written by the end of July, that way I can spend August editing and searching for what I’ll use as a cover, and then September I’ll get it professionally edited and possibly reviewed. The plan and hope is to get the novel published in October! A hefty goal, I think, but I believe I can pull it off. Once the book is being edited, I’ll begin work on the sequel. From what I can tell, the book will be at least a two-part story, or possibly a trilogy. It’s hard to tell, but I know for a fact that I can’t fit the story in two novels. I have a handful of other ideas for novels as well, so I’m excited to start working on those as well.

Also, there may be some upcoming changes to the website soon. These will be changes to the look of the site, however, and nothing that impacts the site itself. I like how the pages look, but I may be adding some things that help organize it, or at least make it easier to see the newest content. I’m unsure when these will be implemented, but I wanted to give some notice.

Thank you for checking out the site, and thanks for reading my blog. I’m going to be discussing the novel a little, along with giving some backstory to how it came to be and what started me down this path, in my next blog post. So be sure to follow the site via WordPress, or by entering your email to the right. You’ll be notified whenever I post something new, and you can be one of the first to read it.

Thank you,

Jessup Burton

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