July 3rd Update – New Short Story!

Hello readers,

July is rolling by, and I’m happy to announce a new short story, Guardian. It follows Jason, the imaginary friend of Susie, as the pair of friends grow up and become distant. This is a story that I’ve been working on for a while, and I’ve finally finished editing the piece. I hope you guys enjoy it.

I’m also happy to announce that the first draft of my novel is nearly finished! I’ve got a few chapters left, so it should be finished within a week or two. Once it’s done, I’ll give an official announcement, and share some information about the novel and some of the lore.

The poetry chapbook is almost finished as well. I just have to work on the cover and put the book together.

Be sure to follow the site via email, so you can keep up with new content! Next week will feature a new chapter in the the short series The Spellcaster. It’ll take place in modern times, and the plot will start rolling as we meet present-day Isaac Stirling.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jessup Burton

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