Update 7/18

Hello readers,

Well, I dropped the ball this past week. It’s been a rough one, and I couldn’t get any writing done. It was a mix of unexpected developments, stress, and just plain inability to get myself to write. I’m sorry for those who were looking for the next chapter in Spellcaster. I’d promised to get a chapter done every other week. I am working on the next chapter now, and I’m going to do my absolute best to get it out by this Friday.

My poetry chapbook is all but done, I just have to figure out a cover for it. Looking ahead, I’ve realized that getting my novel edited and a cover figured out will be the toughest parts for me. Mostly due to how expensive those can be. I’m nearly finished writing it, but as I mentioned I haven’t been able to write this past week, so I still have a ways to go. Probably five or six chapters.

My senior year of college will be starting within a month, so I have been trying to figure out if my schedule for this site needs to change. I believe that, going off of this past week, since having classes and homework will more than likely take up some of my normal writing time, I will have to space my projects out a bit. I believe that, starting the week of August 13th, the series will be coming out every third week, or whenever the next chapter is finished. Whichever comes first. The rest of my projects will stay the same, since poetry and blog posts arrive at a fairly random basis. The monthly short story will stay the same as well.

Hopefully I won’t have another week like the last one, as I want to do the best I can for this site. You can expect the next chapter of Spellcaster this week, come hell or high water.

Thank you,

Jessup Burton

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