New Entry Incoming!

Hello readers,

After my hiatus, the next chapter in Spellcaster is on it’s way. Draft one is done, so it will definitely be ready by Friday. I’m excited to finally be back on my feet, and I hope you will enjoy this next chapter.

Spellcaster takes place in an alternate, fantastical version of Earth. Magicians have been around throughout mankind’s history, influencing wars, nations, and political agendas. While their existence is known throughout the world, Magicians hold an incredible power and responsibility, due to their naturally expansive lifetimes and awesome powers.

There exists an agency called the Collective. An organization that acts like a secret police who engages in battles on behalf of mankind, and reins in magician criminals who would endanger the world. Their most powerful member, Isaac Stirling (better known as the infamous Quicksilver Mage), abandoned the Collective after the the Great World War from 1910 to 1930. The war cost hundreds of millions of lives, and brought the world into the massive entity known as the Joint Congress.

Exhausted, defeated, and sick of fighting, Isaac became a recluse. Finally, however, in the Spring of 2016, the Collective has tracked Isaac down in response to the upcoming election of the World President. The front-runner of the election claims to have a solution for a lasting world peace, and it has the still-recovering Collective on edge. Short on time, manpower, and resources, the Collective has no choice but to try and force Isaac to return in order to find out what the President-Elect has in store.

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