Update 7/28

Hello readers,

I’m happy to announce that my novel’s first draft is nearly complete! I’m on the last few chapters, and it looks like I should have the draft finished within a week. Once that’s done, I will be spending about a month revising and fleshing out the novel before figuring out how I’m going to get it edited and find a book cover.

It’s a surreal moment for me. A year ago, writing a novel seemed like the ideal fantasy in my mind. I didn’t consider how I’d accomplish it, or if I could even get as far as I am now. It’s thanks to my experiences in college, and the support I’ve had from one of my professors, that I was able to really give it a go. It’s been a work in progress since December, and I’m ecstatic that I’ve managed to get this far.

As I mentioned before, I’m going the route of becoming an independently published author. It’s a hard route, but it’ll provide me (a college student) with a manageable schedule and pacing that I can keep alongside of my classes. Plus, it gives me more freedoms. I’m planning on publishing the book on Amazon as an Unlimited book. Subscribers should be able to get it for free, I’ll charge around $2.99 for non-subscribers, and I want to try and set it up so that I can also sell physical copies as well. I know there are fulfillment/by request printers, so I’ll be looking at those. I know plenty of people still prefer physical books. Although I own a Kindle, I still prefer real books as well. The Kindle is more so I know the market, and because it’s a cheaper alternative for a guy on a budget like myself.

In terms of this site, you can expect a new original short story within the next two or three weeks, along with the next chapter in Spellcaster. I really enjoyed writing Chapter One, and introducing some of the characters. I’ve got plans for the series, and I’m excited to see where the next chapter goes.

My chapbook is still stuck on the cover page part, so I’m trying to figure out what to do for that. I have some ideas, but I’m struggling on coming up with a good enough cover on my own, and commissioning one is pricey, so I’m stuck. Everything else is finished, however, so as soon as I figure out the cover I can publish the book.

My latest blog post, Why I Love Magic the Gathering, is a different direction from what I usually post. I thought it would be a nice change of pace, and that it’d give a little insight to myself beyond just my fiction. Plus, I felt like I should diversify what I post (in terms of blogging, at least), and see how it went. I may post more like these in the future. I figure it might be a little boring if all my blog posts are just updates. Those are important, but I should try and be a little more creative in what I blog about.

I want to give a huge thank you to the ones who’ve been following my blog for over a month now. It’s been a great boost of confidence to keep me going, and knowing you guys are keeping tabs on my site helps to keep me motivated in my writing. I hope you’ve all been enjoying what I’ve posted, and that you enjoy what I create in the future. For those of you who are new readers, or you’re just stopping by, you can support the site by subscribing via email on the right side of the page, or by following the site via WordPress. I’d really appreciate it, and you’ll receive an email whenever I post something new.

Have a great day, and keep your eyes peeled.

Jessup Burton

One thought on “Update 7/28

  1. Hey Jessup! Just sent you an e-mail, but noticed you wondering about covers: go to fiverr! They can help you get a nice cover for not bad. It’s not what I did–I did shell out a TON for my cover–but it’s what I would consider doing if I didn’t have a very specific plan for this book. If you can’t come up with a cover, use fiverr!

    Also, IngramSpark is great.

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