Today I tasted
What could only be described
As something permeating.
Something that seeped
Into normality, and
Shook its seams like a
Jabbering old creature
On a tree.
So much noise,
Such a shattering feeling
That scattered everywhere
And stuck in my mind like a song.

It was a word.
Spawned somewhere unexpected
And heavy as
Lead wine, reverberating in glass
Like a heartbeat.
A cascading cataclysm
Only I could feel.
There are two feelings
That lead a man to feel
Unusually confident. Like
He could take on demons
Sulking in shadows.

One is love. A bubbling blaze
Of adamant
Passion to protect his one treasure in life.
The other is the feeling of being found,
Like the boring moon during day,
A constant head in they sky
Drifting in search of contact.
Being found
Is like the moon finally blocking the sun.

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