Update 8/20

Hello readers! It’s that time of the year, and I’ll be starting my final year of college. It’s been a long three years, but the fact that I’m nearly at the end of this journey is baffling. Hard to believe I was starting college just a couple years ago. It feels like college has been a part of my life for much longer, and I hope this last year is full of amazing memories.

To start, I’ll be publishing my first collection of work very soon. I’m at the last stages of formatting, and I’m preparing to publish my book of poems A Million Moments to Watch the Rain, hopefully within the next week. The plan is to put it online as an ebook on Amazon, and as a physical copy on Createspace so those who prefer paperback have the choice.

The novel is coming along very well. These last few chapters are some of the most exciting, and I’m loving writing each of them. I plan to try and get the first draft done by the end of the month, and then spend the next couple in revision, editing, and getting a cover ready. Then, I should hopefully have it ready to go by December.

There’s been a few new additions the past week, namely two poems; Time Will Tell and Eclipse. I’ve been working on some new ideas for short stories as well, and the next chapter of Spellcaster will be ready this week. It’s a little harder to write, since classes are starting this Wednesday for me, but I will be working hard to keep on schedule. There may be some delays, but I want to keep to my biweekly setup. It’s manageable, and keeps things fresh on this site.

Another new development is my Facebook page! This is another way to easily keep up with new posts and to bring more readers in. It will also serve as a way to keep in touch, and to reach me with any questions.

Keep your eyes open for new content, and don’t forget to follow the site to get an email whenever I post something new.

Jessup Burton

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