Sneak Peak Into Aidenbre

Hello readers! I’m nearly finished with the first draft of my upcoming novel series, The Squire’s Quest. Lately, I’ve been really wanting to work on more of the world-building side, so I’ve been trying to put my thoughts to paper, and I started whipping up drafts of the world map.

Here’s a little peak into the work so far:MapofAidenbreDraft

The continent’s name is Aidenbre, and it’s a fairly temperate, rocky place. Mountains dominate much of the terrain, and thick-trunk forests fill the spaces in between. Down the center lies the Great Central Plains, which is teeming with tall-grass and prairie.

While there are a few drafts to come, I’m excited to finally see Aidenbre grow before my eyes. It’s been helping me to come up with new ideas for stories, and more ideas for adventures in my series. I’m not sure how long the series will go on, but I can definitely see myself writing at least two, probably three books. Depending on how things develop, I may have multiple series based in Aidenbre.

A new monthly short story is in the works, I’m just looking for time to sit and write for a couple hours. As an English-Writing major, I definitely write a lot, I just wish more of it was my own!

Keep your eyes peeled for new content, I’ll be keeping things moving on this site. A lot of my energy lately was focused on publishing my poetry book A Million Moments to Watch the Rainso be sure to take a look. It’s available now, and both versions are linked together.

Jessup Burton

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