To Be Human

What I’m searching for
Is something felt in the marrow.
A reverberant hum
To strike my heart
And set my mind free.

So I stood on a ship
Among a fleet, all scattered
Like fireflies swinging
Their bodies around and around
Pouring their eyes in the water
Trying to see
Whatever leviathan
Truth slumbered numb
Like an afternoon shadow
Sleeping under the sun.

I’ve heard whispers of feelings that
Fluttered like orange petals,
Flapping like dreams through my ears.
My living daze stirred
And I saw birds eating through
Clouds that swarmed like
A breathing blanket.

It’s times like these
When I feel disseminate.
Like I was born with all my
Soul’s murmurings scattered
Like a shattered web.
My dreams lie in skies unseen through my eyes,
My hopes seem buried and choked in mountains,
My feelings bleed in seas, steeped deep
Within currents that sweep torrents through my hair.
Such a life, I worry, can only be spent
Checking pulses, counting fingers,
Trying to decide if living my life in some stark fantasy
Is more real than living to feel my marrow.

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