A Hyper-Active Blitz of 20,000 Words

I don’t know what came over me, but for the past twenty-four hours, I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and write. I spent over ten hours yesterday writing 12,000 words, and today I accomplished another 8,000. It all came out in a rush, and it was nearly impossible to get myself to sleep last night.

Because of this crazed phase, I am proud to announce that my first draft of The Squire’s Quest: Book One, is FINISHED! I have finished the first draft, and now am beginning the long month and a half process of editing the piece. As of now, it is 65,568 words! It’ll get bigger, that’s for sure, because as I’ve been writing, there are a few things (characters, memories, scenes, etc.) that I want to add.

The surprising thing, for me, is how I feel almost disappointed that it’s over. It’s like I know the whole piece, and for me, the magic of discovering where it was going to end has dimmed a little. It was a process of discovery, for me, and now that I’ve reached the first milestone in my character’s journey, the rest is a mix of melancholy and excitement. I’m so excited to continue the story, and I’m a little nervous to finish.

But, I know that there is a long, long road ahead. I’m nowhere close to the end of the story, even if the first chapter is written. I’ll keep you all updated on where it goes, and how the editing process is going.

Until next time!


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