Missed Connection

I don’t know why,
Maybe the place was full,
Maybe it was your spot,
Maybe it was me.
But you sat next to me.
Partners in personal work
In a public space.
You researched,
I wrote.

I wrote that we traded names,
Talked about our history
What we were drinking
What you were reading
What I was writing.
Maybe you were interested,
Maybe I was interesting,
Maybe we sparked.
I don’t know.

I wrote that I pulled off my headphones,
And you gave me a look
Looked at what I wrote
Looked at how my eyes darted away
Looked at how I tried not to remember.
Maybe it was a cheetah striped bag,
Maybe it was pearl pink purse,
Maybe you wore your hair up.
I don’t know.

Perhaps I should have pushed,
Maybe I was scared,
Maybe I was an outsider,
Maybe I was weak.
But we sat
For a short eternity,
Reading and writing.
I left alone,
And you watched.

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