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“A collection of poems about the complexity of love and emotions. This book looks at love with a skeptical gaze, and begs the question of why love matters, and how can it manifest?”


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“Pain, emotion, wishes, and memories. These are the elements that make up lives. They carve paths, direct dreams, and haunt decisions. There are some days when it’d be nice if lives could be rewritten.”


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“In a ruined world nearly drained of life, the Court stands supreme. Those who refuse their rule are scattered, marked as heretics, and hunted down by the Court’s magicians. Isaac Stirling – known notoriously as the “Dog of the Court” – is their most dependable magician, and sees the world as decrepit and dull. Isaac’s only wish is to fight the magicians who’ll give him a challenge, and serving the Court is the best way to find them. However, when he’s sent to find and destroy the remaining rebels, his purpose for living is challenged, and Isaac must decide where he’ll stand – as the executioner of the Court, or a turncoat chasing the their ever-expanding shadow.”

Now Available! A Million Moments to Watch the Rain
CropCoverA poetry book capturing the thoughts of a young, growing romantic who goes through the discovery, loss, and bitter wishing of romance.

A Million Moments to Watch the Rain is a dark, colorful, and sometimes playful look at how one’s views of romance and love can mature.

Available on Kindle devices, the Kindle reading app, and on paperback.

Kindle Ebook (Now available as a Kindle Unlimited book!)