You can find all the short stories that I have posted right here! I’ll be posting an original one once a month, and you can find out about the progress in the latest blog post. Some will be flash-fiction, while others will be longer.

Battle of Northcry

Teaser and spin-off for my upcoming novel series, “The Squire’s Quest”. It depicts a major battle for the main character’s homeland.


A story about an imaginary friend named Jason, and his experiences with his human friend, Susie, as the two grow up and become distant.

A Knight’s Day

A brave knight faces a fierce dragon while the woman in the tower goes about her daily routine.


A trip to the grocery store for a romantically-drained couple turns into a ridiculous fight for their lives.

The Trouble With Girls and Backyard Adventures

A young boy argues with his playmate about what game to play.